Car Navigation Display Is Straight Out of the Future

Car Navigation Display Is Straight Out of the Future

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Navigation Display Is Straight Out of the Future

From Minority report back to Iron Man, depictions of sci-fi technology continually appear to incorporate those clear wide-awake displays (HUDs) in situ of pc screens. They definitely look cool in movies…but would they create sense in real life? The HUDWAY Glass show proves that this specific piece of artistic movement school may be a good acceptable fashionable drivers.

HUDWAY Glass permits you to examine your favorite travel apps while not coping with a unwieldy, distracting screen: simply make full Google Maps, Waze, or another navigation app on your phone and place your device on the platform. The contents of your phone screen can replicate onto the vertical a part of the show, providing a thin image that will not hinder your read of the road. And with no wires to attach, no compatibility problems, and no adapters to shop for once your next phone comes out — this artistic movement device is actually future-proof.

Time to place a artistic movement GPS setup in your automotive. Get your own HUDWAY Glass on the market for simply $49.95—a steal of a value for a bit of stylish, game-changing school.

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