Microsoft Surface phone release 2016 Rumors

Microsoft Surface phone release 2016 Rumors

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Microsoft Surface phone

Vice President of Microsoft’s Corporate for Windows Kevin Gallo, gave some hints about the upcoming smartphone for the company’s plans.
Gallo’s according to statement , Microsoft is working to build its latest handset with the enterprise sector in mind, thus reinstatement the company’s actions of the consumer sector from drifting away . The phone, which present in unofficial leaks and reports, will reputed land under the name of Surface Phone.

The Windows Phone is recent reports instruction that on the verge of losing the little plat it still has in the market. Scored far from its unexpected success to Windows 10 Mobile, and the Windows smartphone models Lumia 950 XL and Lumia 950 sold way under the estimated numbers. specialist from the field quality the flop to an ill-advised selection of apps, A clunky operating system with which was paired.Windows surface phone

The last few years during , these factors led to jobs in its phone department of Microsoft axing a significant number. The Windows developing company selling the Nokia brand to HMD Global, a Finnish company with the reconstruction culminated.

With the inq uietude in plain sight, many are disappointed where Microsoft is heading with its smartphone business, or even if there is still one to talk about. Taking benefit of a recent Build Tour, Windows confirmed that Microsoft is keen on holding on to Windows 10 Mobile fo the Corporate VP.

The Register reports that confident about Microsoft’s smartphone future is Gallo. The executive affirmed that his company is placing its bets on the enterprise sector when looking at its mobile OS. Gallo underlined that Microsoft’s before strategy of developing a smartphone targeted at the affordable end of the spectrum was a failure, as the profits of the company soared.

though it keep the lid on specific information about the upcoming Surface phone, The Surface Phone Gallo hinted that will be destined to a specific market. He mentioned that the company took the Windows 10 excellent experience for desktops and drove it further. Gallo said “We’ll lead with some high end and category innovation like we have done with Surface, and OEMs will go and build the breadth of the catalog,”.

The Surface Phone only time will tell whether will be delivered only with the business sector in focus or the consumer market will also get a piece of it. About the Rumors surface device , The upcoming handset that  touting from Microsoft will be a beastly production tool. The Exaggerated specs of the device show a Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 CPU backed by an processing power for 8 GB RAM, as much as default storage 128 GB. Continuum support is a self-understood part of the Surface Phone.

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